Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week ending 19 May 2013

Another week and another transfer, departure/arrivals and it went smoothly.  We only sent five home and received 23.  We ended up having a place for all of them to live although it was  down to the wire with the last one and we had two that we ended up not needing that wouldn’t have been ready.  It always amazes me how the Lord knows and arranges for things to work out just right.  I had two places that I was on the Branch President and Bishop to have someone find a flat for me in their area and it just wasn’t happening after numerous phone calls and emails.  Well after two went home early because of illness and a fall down the bus stairs that fractured a hip and ankle, those two flats were not needed at until the next transfer or two. Miracles do happen in all phases of Missionary work.

We were very tired at the end of the week and so Friday evening we headed to the Royal Botanical Garden for a picnic and a very quick tour since it closed at 6:00 and was a half hour bus ride away.  Our leaving at 4:00 turned into 4:30 and so we didn’t see much.  We will have to go at least one more time.


Saturday was a very rainy day and so we just went charity shop shopping.  I am going to miss all of the charity shops they have here.  They are very nice for the most part and I have got some wonderful bargains here.

We had stake conference adult session Saturday night and the missionaries from this zone were invited to sing for it.  We sang the EFY version of “As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman”.  We have some very talented missionaries and the number was beautiful.  The conference was on every member a Missionary and was wonderful.  Today the session will be a broadcast for all of the UK and Ireland.

Our flight plans have arrived.  We will be traveling home on July 6th.  We will land in Salt Lake City at approximately 4:10 in the afternoon and leave for Pocatello at 9:57 arriving there at 10:48 P.M.  It doesn’t seem real and is coming up quickly.  We will be glad to see all of you again but will certainly miss this wonderful land and people.

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  1. Has been fun following your blog, Thanks for your example of service. Will be fun to visit with you both in person. Jim